Our Cabins

Home-style Restaurant

Breakfasts includes fresh juice and fruit, and pancakes. Meals are made with vegetables and fruits from the garden. Breakfast $8, Meals $12

Common areas: Kitchen and Dining room

A common kitchen, dining and living room are at your disposal. Two stoves, and oven and a fridge. The kitchen is complete with pots and pans.

Cloud Forest and River

The river is a fifteen minute hike to an isolated stretch of shoreline. There are kilometers of public and private hiking trails on the reserve.

Free WIFI in Cabins and Common areas.

Wifi is available in the dining room and kitchen and all three cabins.

Home-style Restaurant

Breakfasts includes fresh juice and fruit, and pancakes. Meals are made with vegetables and fruits from the garden.  Breakfast $8, Meals $12

Intagcolibri - 8
Early morning birding

Birding in the early morning with the dawn chorus.

Cock-of-the-Rock Lek

Cock-of-the-Rock Lek is fifteen minutes from the Lodge.

Crimson-rumped Toucanette

Birding close to the cabin.

What our guests are saying

Yesterday we spent a fantastic afternoon with Sandra Statz from Intag Forest Cabins. Sandra, a warm and welcoming longtime resident of Intag Valley, has much knowledge about its biology, history and current struggles to stop copper mining. She took us on a long guided through an incredible first-growth cloud forest, with lush, vibrant vegetation that made us feel like hobbits lost in an enchanted forest. She brought us to see a remarkable group of male cock of the rocks, whose intense red and black coloring was breathtaking. Sandra maintains a group of lovely guest cabins with large screened windows on three sides of the room that provide broad vistas of the absolutely stunning mountains and valley below.

Amazingly Beautiful Place With Great Homemade Food! Everything about the Intag Cloud Forest Reserve lodge is great. It is in a beautiful area, surrounded by cloud forest and hiking trails to explore the unique ecosystem. Accommodations were quaint rooms in three different wooden houses dispersed throughout the woods. There is an amazing view from the yard/gazebo of the mountains that are usually shrouded in mist. Perfect place for bird watching, hiking, and/or just relaxing to the sounds of nature. Meals were always delicious and vegetarian with most of the ingredients grown on site. The lodge is actually a part of a permiculture farm that is really neat to check out because the layout and management of it is really efficient. I would definitely highly recommend spending some time here!

Sebastian Barker

Trip advisor review

Everything you need in its simplest form” Reviewed February 1, 2016 I would wake up from the beautiful cabins and be in midst of a cloud forest. I would take hikes in the early morning down to the waterfalls and learn about the forest through Roberto’s expertise. Don Carlos has a lot to teach about the mining conflict in Intag and learning more about it was a highlight of my trip. The food, by Mariana and Norma is absolutely amazing! Everything is vegetarian and the most delicious vegetarian food I have ever tasted.Overall, beautiful experience.